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Danielle’s Success Story

Going to Vigorous has become my "me time" every night! I look forward to the classes every night, wondering what moves we're going to go through.

Danielle - Vigorous Member

Monika’s Success Story

By now I’ve lost 43 pounds, and have completely changed my way of life. Last weekend I started and finished my first Rugged Maniac – and to think I’d never even climbed a wall before! I’m excited about the future, and how good I feel, and will embrace this healthy lifestyle forever, since it WORKS for me!

Monika - Vigorous Member

Angelica’s Success Story

I am grateful for the folks at Vigorous for putting me on the right path to achieve my fitness goals. When I set out my goal, losing weight was my priority, but now my focus has shifted to become stronger.

Angelica - Vigorous Member



The 1st one we did last year was a Success, and now the 2015 version of the Summer Body Workout Challenge is going to just take it to another level and includes not just one challenge for our members to partake in, but two separate challenges that are sure to have you ready for Summer 2015. This is what we call Getting Vigorous!

2nd Annual Summer Body Workout Challenge at Vigorous Fitness Clubs.

Challenge One:
Body Transformation Challenge.
This Challenge is open to all Vigorous Fitness Clubs members and is the contest of all contests at our club, complete with an amazing array of prizes for the winner. Contestants will have a sign up window at the club from Saturday March 21st until Tuesday March 31st by having before pictures of themselves taken at the club. The After pictures will be taken in the same spot on Saturday June 20th. The Person that goes through the most impressive Body Transformation from now until than will be declared the winner of this challenge. The Winner will be announced on the First Day of Summer June 21st via Social Media.
Prizes: A Full 1 Year membership at Vigorous Fitness Clubs. A $100 gift card at Sports Authority for some new workout clothes since you won't be fitting in your old gear, and a $100 gift card at Natural Body to stock up on vitamins and supplements.

Challenge Two:
Push, Pull, Crunch Challenge.
Open to all Vigorous members and will take place on Saturday June 20th which is the day right before Summer officially kicks off. It will consist of three separate one minute drills of Push Up's, Pull Up's, and Crunches. The person that has the most total number of each at the end of the three minute drill will be declared the winner. There will be a 30 second rest period between each drill.
Prizes: 3 month membership at Vigorous Fitness Clubs, and a $100 gift card at Massage Envy Spas.

Both Challenges are open to all of our members and sign ups will kick off Saturday March 21st. The Question is...Are You Vigorous Enough? That is for you to answer! Let the training begin.

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