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Our Goal at Vigorous Fitness Clubs is simple. We look to make your stay with us the best part of your day. Being fit is one of the most important things in life, and where you exercise is a reflection of who you are. As you walk through our doors it’s immediately apparent that this isn’t your run of the mill gym or fitness club. We pay attention to detail and that means everything from the lighting, to the paint on the walls, all the way down to the hand picked Life Fitness equipment that will help you crush your fitness goals is extremely well thought out. Our purpose is to not only make you feel comfortable, but to place you on the right path towards reaching and exceeding your fitness goals. Our amazing and original group fitness classes and super cool and inviting atmosphere will do just that, and so much more. Get ready to say these words over and over to yourself…I am Vigorous, because once you believe in yourself…there is no stopping you!

are your ready to get vigorous?


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Experience Vigorous..

Group fitness is the foundation that Vigorous Fitness Clubs was built upon. Come experience our wide variety of classes.


Pilates builds a strong foundation of core stability that centers around floor work exercises.

Vinyasa Yoga

A discipline of yoga which utilizes breath and movement together to create a dynamic and flowing practice.


This is a fusion of Traditional Mat Pilates with Vinyasa Yoga. Yogalates blends the elements of yoga including vigorous postures with a contemporary class designed to stretch, strengthen and sculpt the body as well as challenge the cardiovascular system. The flowing sequence of diverse poses will stress proper alignment and strengthen your core.

SYNRGY 360 Total Body Circuit

This piece of equipment and class format enables endless workout possibilities, increases athletic ability and will teach you many workout fundamentals.

Cycling Combo

Blend a high intensity cardio cycling class with the elements of a total body class and you get our very unique cycling combo classes. You will switch on and off between the stationary cycle and bouts of strength training and abdominal exercises with dumbbells, bars, bands and steps


Our signature bootcamp classes include high intensity plyometric and bodyweight exercises, with occasional addition of props and weights.


You may be riding on a stationary bike, but you’re going much further than you know! This high cardiovascular class will take you up and down hills, while climbing and sprinting your way to the finish line.

Total Body

Our total body classes will work every muscle of that body you are so strongly working on!


This training method is composed of real life MMA and self defense skills with intervals of intense cardio, core, and weight training.


Why Be Average, When You Can Be Vigorous!

Vigorous Fitness Clubs

The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!

I Am Vigorous

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