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Danielle’s Success Story

Going to Vigorous has become my "me time" every night! I look forward to the classes every night, wondering what moves we're going to go through.

Danielle - Vigorous Member

Monika’s Success Story

By now I’ve lost 43 pounds, and have completely changed my way of life. Last weekend I started and finished my first Rugged Maniac – and to think I’d never even climbed a wall before! I’m excited about the future, and how good I feel, and will embrace this healthy lifestyle forever, since it WORKS for me!

Monika - Vigorous Member

Angelica’s Success Story

I am grateful for the folks at Vigorous for putting me on the right path to achieve my fitness goals. When I set out my goal, losing weight was my priority, but now my focus has shifted to become stronger.

Angelica - Vigorous Member

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