First Time Visitors


TALK TO US – Contact one of our Membership Advisors via phone or email to schedule a class, a tour of the facility a or workout session. We’ll be happy to recommend something perfect for your needs and walk you through everything.

FUEL UP – Whether you’re coming in for a class, a training assessment or working out on your own, eat approximately 30 – 60 minutes before your workout. Make sure your meal size is sufficient to ensure you have enough energy to get through what will be a Vigorous workout.


SHOW UP – Arrive 10-15 minutes before your class or scheduled workout time to be able to meet with the front desk staff, sign in, and get situated. Be sure to wear comfortable workout gear (sweatpants, leggings, shorts, sneakers, t-shirts, tank tops, etc.) and remember to bring water to remain hydrated (you may also buy water at the front desk). Also, don’t forget to bring a photo ID with you. Our staff will be happy to give you a full tour of the club and answer any other questions you may have.

GET PUMPED – Once you’re signed in, feel free to grab one of our complimentary towels and dispose them into the brown basket by the front desk when finished. Our daily lockers are available for you to store your belongings while training. You may also pre-order your protein shake so it’s ready and waiting for you after your workout. All of our protein shakes are exactly what your body needs to recover after a Vigorous workout.

GET TO IT – Alright it’s time! If you haven’t met your instructor already, before your class starts is the perfect time for introductions! Be sure to tell them it’s your first time here, and especially explain if you have any health risks and/or concerns. All of our instructors are happy to modify or change certain exercises for you and will be there to assist you with the set up if needed. If you are working out on your own, our front desk staff and trainers throughout the club are fully knowledgeable on training exercises and use of our equipment. Get ready for a great workout and being one step closer to achieving your fitness goals.


CATCH YOUR BREATH – Congratulations! You have successfully gotten through your first Vigorous workout. We know you did great so take a minute to rest and relax, have a seat in our main lobby, meet some of our members and grab that protein shake that you ordered before your workout. You definitely deserve it.

KEEP COMING – We know you came in to achieve a healthier lifestyle just like the rest of us and you’re already on your way there. Don’t forget to stop by the front desk to pick up your ID and have a chance to talk to a membership advisor about what your next steps should be. Vigorous Fitness Clubs offers many membership options for you to choose from. Our memberships and training packages are simple and convenient so that you can make your fitness journey as simple as possible. We’d love to see you again soon and have you be a part of Team Vigorous.