Vigorous Kids

The Vigorous Kids Fitness Program will target getting parents and kids aware of the benefits of exercise. The program is for kids ranging in ages 7-12 years old and includes the following classes that will be held a total of three times per week.

Class Schedule: Monday & Wednesday at 5:30- 6:25 PM, Saturday 12:15 PM – 1:10 PM

Vigorous Kids Fit: This class focuses on flexibility, balance, agility, aerobic capacity, strength, and core training through body-weight and resistance training exercises.

Kids Sports ConditioningIt is imperative that children’s first sports experiences are positive ones. By acquiring fundamental skills through various sports activities they will feel more confident and be ready to advance if they choose to join a sports team. This class focuses on the development of strength, balance, endurance, and hand-eye coordination while sharpening fine motor skills.